No Bounds Digital is a digital agency with team members in the US, Ireland and Serbia. We specialize in managing HubSpot, a CRM, for growing and mid market companies in the US and Europe. We'd love to hear from you if you're interested in joining our team!

πŸš€ What's In It For You
. Remote and flex work environment
. Dynamic international team πŸ‡·πŸ‡Έ ☦️ and customer base
. Be a meaningful contributor to a growing company
. Competitive compensation package

About the Role
The mission of the Executive Assistant is to help free Ben, No Bounds' owner, to focus on managing the team, business development and sales, and hiring. By tracking and completing all of the administrative details, you will clear a path for him to make his greatest contribution to our business. The Assistant needs to attend to details and follow instructions carefully, as they are written, and, on the other hand, be resourceful to figure out things that you may not already know.

❗ Consider this primarily a customer service role where I am your customer. Your goal is to reduce the hours I spend on a variety of tasks. Especially in the first year, there is no operational or process improvement function. Meaning, if I ask you to do something in a certain way, there is no discussion about a 'better way,' because if we were to discuss the merits of one way over another way, that takes up my time, which is the opposite of this role's purpose. If you want to be 'creative,' think about new ways that you can could do, delegate, or automate my responsibilities. ❗

At the same time, I greatly appreciate you and your talents. I recorded this two minute video so you can 'put a face to the name.' Check it out. Just for fun, I tried a little srpski in the beginning (I've got a lot to learn) https://www.loom.com/share/4a10d3e9e1db454da8c8fe4c02c9e2b2.

Repetitive tasks are an important of this position but you will also frequently 😳 be assigned tasks that you have never encountered.

We are a 100% remote and flex agency. That means you work where you want and when you want. It also means that you are responsible for producing great quality work on time and you need to manage internal and client communications without set hours.

. Reviewing other team member's overdue tasks, following up with them, and reporting
. Communicating on Ben's behalf both internally/externally over email and phone
. Documenting processes and following documented processes
. Entering data and updating spreadsheets
. Checking others and your own work to ensure quality and fix errors as needed
. Email management on Ben's behalf
. Ensuring the accuracy of internal and client HubSpot contact databases
. Personal assistant activities such as making purchases on Ben's behalf, coordinating schedules, research projects or coordinating with his local assistant

Position Requirements
❗. Are fun or enjoyable to work with
❗. Quickly, minutes or hours not days, respond to client and internal communications
❗. Have a "I can figure it out" attitude even if you aren't sure how to do something at the start.
. Are process driven: willing and able to document processes and follow documented processes
. Are excellent communicators, in English, in writing and verbally
❗. Track communications (and very responsive) across multiple channels without losing details including meetings, calls, emails, etc.
. Are a self starter willing to do your best work even when no one is looking
❗. Are flexible with assignments and able to roll with the punches of a small team
. Pay attention to detail, check their work, and are highly accurate
. Thrive working on a variety of projects in a supportive but fast-paced environment

Application Process
1. Brief, casual conversation [15 min]
2. Personality quiz [30 min. this is fun!]
3. Formal interview [60 min]
4. Assessment of skills [60 min]
5. Team interview [this is for your benefit. Feel free to ask honest questions that you wouldn't ask me... Is Ben weird? Does he have unreasonable expectations? etc.]
6. Extend an offer

Things We πŸ’•
Hard work
Individual Freedom

Confidence can sometimes hold us back from applying for a job. But we'll let you in on a secret: there's no such thing as a 'perfect' candidate. No Bounds Digital is a place where you can grow. So if you don't check all of the boxes, don't sweat it. Please apply if this is a role that would make you excited to do your best every day.

πŸŽ–Veterans encouraged to apply

While we believe that you pass the Serbian entrepreneur independence test as a freelancer for this role, this is not legal advice. If you have additional questions, contact a local solicitor or governmental entity.

While we are 100% remote and flex, certain positions require meeting with or communicating with customers and prospects at a time that's convenient for them most of which are primarily EST and secondarily CEST (east coast USA, central European) time zones.

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