No Bounds Digital has partnered with FP Transitions, a financial planning company, to revolutionize their operations using the power of HubSpot. We helped FP Transitions automate their listing process by using HubSpot tools in tandem with Salesforce integration.

With FP Transitions' specific needs in mind, we integrated databases stored in Salesforce to transfer the data to HubSpot, storing the data as custom objects in HubDB using custom workflows. Using the created database, automated website listings and emails were created for their website.

As a result of our collaboration, FP Transitions experienced a complete transformation in their listing processes. The manual processes of creating listings on their site and out-going emails are now completely autonomous, saving FP Transitions over 600 hours annually.

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Download the case study showcasing:

  • Discover how No Bounds Digital helped FP Transitions with automating their listing processes.

  • Learn about the challenges faced by FP Transitions' team and No Bounds Digital's solutions.

  • Gain insights into the process of integrating two different CRMs like HubSpot and Salesforce.

  • Understand the tangible results achieved after the system's integration, including increased efficiency.

  • Explore the significant impact on FP Transitions' business and its improved systems.