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No Bounds Digital has partnered with Shari Levitin, a public speaker and sales coach, to revolutionize their operations using the power of HubSpot. We helped Shari Levitin streamline their sales processes by adjusting their internal structure and increasing synergy and knowledge between their team and the tools found in HubSpot.

With Shari Levitin's specific needs in mind, we utilized multiple HubSpot tools and functions to adjust their internal system. We worked with them to educate them on HubSpot's capabilities, allowing them the ability to utilize and maintain the created system properly.

As a result of our collaboration, Shari Levitin experienced a remarkable transformation in their operations. The manual processes of recording and tracking customer interests became automated, allowing for all customers to receive proper, individualized support from Shari Levitin and her team.

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Download the case study showcasing:

  • Discover how No Bounds Digital helped Shari Levitin integrate and utilize HubSpot effectively.

  • Learn about the challenges faced by Shari Levitin's team and No Bounds Digital's solutions.

  • Gain insights into the step-by-step re-onboarding and streamlined sales process.

  • Understand the tangible results achieved after the re-onboarding, including increased efficiency and standardized sales.

  • Explore the significant impact on Shari Levitin's business and its improved systems.