Display of many American flags for observation of Veterans Day, with long parallel shadows and bare tree in public park on early November morning

Veterans, we know that you've dedicated yourself to a life of service, first serving your country and now  your local community and economy as a business owner. 

Frankly, we think that what you're doing is such a gift for our country. And we would like to give you a gift in return. 

In honor of  National Veterans Small Business week, we want to give you and other veteran-owned businesses a small token of gratitude: Our Veteran Appreciation Package. 

Our complimentary Veteran Appreciation Package was designed by our CEO, Ben Donahower, to help market your business online, Ben served honorably in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard, The Veteran Appreciation Package includes:

  • A complimentary video audit of your company's website to see how you could optimize it further
  • A complimentary chatbot installation to help you build real-time relationships with your readers and potential clients
  • A complimentary web analytics tool installation to help you understand what you can do to attract and retain more website visitors 
  • A free pop-up tool installation to grab your visitors' attention

To receive your free Veteran Appreciation Package, you simply need to fill out the short form to your right

We hope that you have a profitable National Veterans Small Business Week and enjoy your gift!

Note: More or less of these tools are available depending upon the kind of website you have: WordPress, Wix, Shopify, etc. If we can add them, we will. 

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