JBA webinar 10-20-2020

Many companies are using modern Inbound Marketing strategies, but they’re still running paid ad campaigns like it’s 2010.

Don’t use an ad strategy that’s nearly 10 years old. Outdated paid advertising techniques don’t work. You’re generating fewer leads. Your cost per lead is increasing. As an Inbound Marketer, you know that your paid ads aren’t aligned with your other marketing efforts. It’s confusing prospects and causing them to drop out of the funnel.

There’s a better way to do paid ads, Journey Based Advertising (JBA). Just as Inbound Marketing changed digital marketing, JBA gives paid ads a much-needed facelift.

With JBA, you can apply the spirit of Inbound Marketing to paid ads through educational, helpful content. Learn how to use your buyer persona and Buyer's Journey phases as the foundation for successful paid ads. Best of all, this isn’t a theoretical practice. JBA will help you make actionable, clear changes to your campaigns to get better results.

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