Ko smo mi

Mi smo tim odlučnih marketering stručnjaka koji se ne plaši da preduzme akciju. Mi volimo naš posao, volimo da stvaramo više lidova, a najviše od svega volimo porodicu. To se ogleda ne samo u našem fleksibilnom rasporedu rada, već i u načinu na koji poslujemo kao celina. Mi smo ležerni i druželjubivi, ali to ne znači da nismo u potponosti posvećeni Vašem razvoju.

Ben Donahower

Generalni direktor, osnivač

Ben is an old man in HubSpot years, first being introduced to the platform as a freelancer in 2012. For the last 5, he has run No Bounds Digital, a growth agency and platinum HubSpot Agency Partner. He's privileged to have generated millions of dollars of leads and sales for companies in industries like healthcare, education, tech, and transportation. He's especially skilled at marketing strategy, solving business growth problems, and the nuts and bolts of inbound, automation, and ads. Ben is literally writing the book on journey-based advertising. When Ben's not glued to his desk, he's spending time with his wife, Cat, and their three kids, River, Sage, and Judah. The Donahower clan enjoys watching Flyers hockey games, fishing, and going to amusement parks. Just to make things weird, Ben is an on-again-off-again mushroom grower and has a worm farm in the basement.

Nada Pupovac

Menadžer digitalnog marketinga

Nada is a digital marketing manager at No Bounds Digital where she manages accounts for our clients. She graduated from the University of Novi Sad, Serbia, with a graduate diploma in psychology. Before No Bounds Digital, she worked as a customer relations associate at ApexSQL. At No Bounds, she manages projects, creates strategies, maintains communication with internal and external teams, and delights customers. She also creates, monitors, optimizes, and reports on paid ads campaigns on all major advertising platforms. Nada and her family moved to Ireland in 2017 where she is currently living and working. She is a mom to twin girls Nikolina and Sofija. In her free time, she sings in the Limerick Gospel Choir. She loves books, her morning runs, and sunsets.

Stefan Zivaljevic

Specijalista za digitalni marketing

Stefan has been in love with all things digital for more than 7 years. He graduated from John Naisbitt University with a Bachelor of Arts degree and attended an Entrepreneurship Bootcamp offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His areas of expertise include website optimization, marketing strategies, Google Analytics, and Search Engine Marketing. With a combination of tech and marketing savvy, his goal is to increase your profit, customer base, and brand awareness while down cutting expenses through careful optimization and split testing. Outside of work, Stefan travelled the world as a model, and still enjoys travelling. He loves listening to audiobooks, and considers himself a fitness freak.

Stefano Deurandi Subotic

Specijalista za plaćeno oglašavanje

Stefano is a jack of all trades, and master of them all. He is skilled at PPC campaign platforms, SEO, CRO, and analytics. He earned a degree in Economics and International Business from Megatrend University and has been immersed in the world of digital marketing since 2013. Before No Bounds Digital, he created and optimized all PPC campaigns for a third-party bill pay service alongside marketing automation strategies to nurture paid leads. He is passionate about helping businesses leverage their digital marketing efforts using paid marketing channels in order to get more qualified leads and convert them into customers. As an avid traveler, Stefano has visited 3 continents. He enjoys photography and capturing important moments even if it irritates his family and friends on his travels. He also enjoys thunderstorms and gloomy weather.

Tamara Golubovic


Meet Tamara! She is probably the only master forestry engineer now working as a project manager and junior digital marketer in the world. Tamara has finished her master’s degree with the department of Forestry at the University of Belgrade, when her interests turned from sustainable development to the IT industry. Starting as an Amazon support associate through third party vendors, she now works as a project manager at Mediavuk and junior marketer at No Bounds Digital. She has numerous HubSpot certifications including client management and Inbound Marketing. She is No Bounds’ go-to person for local SEO management. She is a coffee addict, dog lover and travel enthusiast. She is a person who can always talk about places to visit or whatever.


Irena A. Dmitry

Driving Dynamics

“No Bounds” je izuzetno brzo unapredio naša znanja i sposobnosti u svetu digitalne prodaje i marketinških alata - čak i za nas koji nismo tehnički potkovani i za koje je to bila velika prepreka. Ben i njegov tim su odmah preuzeli akciju i ostvarili sve očekivane rezultate, dok su se sve vreme konsultovali sa nama i prilagođavali, kako bi obezbedili najbolji krajnji ishod i zadovoljili sve naše potrebe. Zahvaljujući “No Bounds” sada smo na zavidnoj poziciji i možemo samouvereno da koračamo napred na našem inbound putu.