Our team of designers and developers at No Bounds Digital designed and developed website —with high hopes to effectively Increase in traffic.

The year of 2021 is our first attempt at this report, and as such, it’s limited. While there is global information, we took a deeper dive only in our own target markets: US, Ireland, and the Balkans.

No Bounds Digital created a stunning new website for to showcase client's amenities in a modern and luxurious style and improve UX with the smart use of dynamic elements. See what we did.

Our team of designers and developers at No Bounds Digital designed and executed a flawless website. Want to know how we did it? Click below

No Bounds Digital partnered with a plastic surgeon’s office to run a time-sensitive promotional campaign—on a tight timeline and small budget, no less.

No Bounds Digital audited, optimized, and scaled work on an addiction treatment company’s Google Ads campaign. This contributed to a 50X growth in targeted keywords, a 11X budget increase, and a significantly lower CPA.

A vein treatment center tasked No Bounds with drumming up more business for its medical and non-medical services.

Dr. James McKinney engaged with No Bounds Digital to increase the number of patients seen each week at Fredericksburg Chiropractic from 125 to 200.

In two weeks, No Bounds Digital created 46 templates and over 5,000 pages of content. Following the design phase of the project, the company pivoted from WordPress to HubSpot. 

The new rivethealth.com was a collaborative effort between No Bounds Digital and Rivet team who have a strong team of designers, developers, and marketers.

No Bounds Digital implemented a comprehensive digital marketing plan and a bundle of digital marketing assets resulting in 31 new legacy members in just 45 days.