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Build Your Brand With YouTube Advertising

No Bounds Digital and Kinectiv hosted a really informative livestream presented by Google on building your brand with YouTube advertising. If you missed it, no worries, it's on YouTube... Who would have thought?

Here are the notes that I took from the livestream and you can watch the full video below.

Landscape of Video Advertising

Suzie Reider
Managing Director, Brand Solutions

The 30 and 60 second spot do not carry the same weight that they used to

Think about creating content and not commercials

If a YouTube users skips an ad within five seconds, the advertiser does not pay for it

Build Your Brand in the Digital Age

Jeff Rozic
Google BrandLab

3Hs of Branding in the Digital Age

  1. Think digital first
  2. Show, don't tell
  3. Develop an always on topic strategy

Think digital first

Digital customers are 'leaned in,' interacting and engaging with the content

Develop an always on topic strategy

  • Help - Determine the questions that customers are happening
  • Hub - What does my brand stand for? What do my customers want? The intersection is hub content
  • Hero - Key moments for you and your customers

3 bonus fundamentals

  1. Use analytics
  2. List and respond
  3. Leave no dead end - use calls to action

Grow Your Business Using YouTube

Mark McMaster
Global Product, YouTube Advertising

Time spend with digital has radically increased and now surpasses TV

20% of time spent with digital, 5.46 hours, is with video

Huge numbers of user engagement on YouTube

  1. 1 billion unique visitors each month
  2. 100+ million people share, comment or like YouTube videos each week
  3. 100 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube every minute

Changes in media

  • Multiple screens
  • Infinite content
  • On-demand viewing

How YouTube video ads work

  • Upload videos
  • Pay only when viewers choose to watch your ad
  • Build remarketing lists*
  • Identify what works in real time

* Remarketing lists are lists of people who have visitor your site or web properties that you can content to market to using Googles' ad platforms

Why advertisers try YouTube video ads

  • Build awareness of my product (40%)
  • Drive subscriptions or comments (4%)
  • Grow interest and demand (26%)
  • Directly drive conversions (30%)

Unlike Google search and display networks, YouTube is not the best channel to drive conversions directly


  • Precise targeting = lower cost
  • Real time reporting

YouTube offers many of the benefits of TV while reducing the challenges such as analytics

YouTube complements search advertising, which is more targeted and you are able to determine strong user intent

Many YouTube advertisers come from social. If you are interested in video, many social channels aren't appropriate for it unlike YouTube.

What metrics should you track on a YouTube advertising campaign?
From the top of the funnel to the bottom

  • Impressions watch time, 'likes'
  • Share follow on views, subscriptions, brand channel visits
  • Brand lift, search lift, site visits
  • Sales lift, CPA, CPC*

Again, if you are looking for directly attributable conversions, Google search and display networks are a better fit

If you'd like to view the video again, there is are even more nuggets there than in this outline. You can also view case studies for inspiration and ideas:



Author: Ben Donahower

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