Chase the right leads

Nobody wants to sift through a huge list of irrelevant leads. Fortunately, HubSpot Marketing Pro and Enterprise users have an ace in the hole for boosting sales: lead scoring.

Lead scoring is a sophisticated system that assigns point values to every lead in your pipeline. The higher the point value, the more relevant the lead. This helps your sales and marketing team customize and prioritize their efforts on leads that are ready to convert.

This tool makes your sales and marketing strategy hyper-efficient, but it requires a solid strategy to implement.


How lead scoring works

  • Set your criteria for lead scoring.
  • Choose point values for each criterion.
  • Use scores to trigger workflows and get sales on the phone.
What you get with No Bounds lead scoring

A system for scoring leads based on demographics and behavior.


Segmented contacts in your database.


Automated, 24/7 alerts for hot leads that need your immediate attention.

Save time, maximize sales

The sales goose chase can end now, thanks to lead scoring. Give your team the actionable data they need to pursue the right accounts. Eliminate confusion, boost efficiency, and close more deals with lead scoring.