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How to Delete Templates in HubSpot (Without Destroying Your Site)

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If you have been using HubSpot for time chances are you accumulated a number of landing page and website page templates. Today, I took the time to delete old and unused templates. There are good reasons to go through this process from time to time besides just keeping your portal neat and tidy.

  • It prevents accidentally applying templates that are no longer on brand
  • You will find pages that are currently using legacy templates and be able to bring them up to speed
  • It's faster to find the right template for future pages

Here's a video walk through of how I'm going through my templates to remove those that are no longer useful. And take heart, if you're feeling a little anxious about this whole thing, I also walk through a few tests that I did to ensure that I'm not deleting that would mess up the site or cause problems down the road.

Here's the breakdown.

  1. Create a website page or landing page to visually see the templates
  2. Go to design tools and look for folders with old templates
  3. Attempt to delete the legacy template
    1. If no dependencies, delete the template by right mouse clicking on the title in the left hand navigation menu and follow the prompt
    2. If dependencies, view those pages and update the template or deleting and redirect the legacy page
  4. Rinse and repeat until you think you are done
  5. Create a new website page or landing page to cross reference visually with the names of the templates

Happy house cleaning!

If this is just the beginning of your HubSpot audit and optimization, maybe you could use some help. Or maybe you have all of the time in the world (said no one ever). If you have questions or need a hand, schedule a few minutes with me to scope out the project.

15 minutes with Ben

PS. You can certainly use the live preview in design tools to visually see the template. I found it to be a lost faster just to create a website or landing page and use that as my reference.

PPS. This video doesn't cover the next step, which is to review all of your folders and ensure that you current templates are in the right places and that now empty folders have been deleted. If you're a marketer, this might not a huge deal practically speaking but your designers and developers will thank you.

Author: Ben Donahower

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