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Increasing Market Awareness Using Google's Tools - Google Livestream

Last week, No Bounds Digital hosted a Google livestream that explained how increasing market awareness online using Google's products and tools, your website, online advertising, and analytics results in more leads and sales for local businesses. The bad news is that you missed a free lunch and our question and answer session. The good news is that the full livestream presentation is on YouTube and I've included notes from it below in case you're short on time:



Todd Rowe Managing Director of Global Channels

Question: Who are your competitors?
Answer: Market awareness

97% of consumers look for products online
37% of small businesses have an online presence

5 Things you should do to increase market awareness

  1. Get online with a smart website
  2. Advertise online to drive traffic to your website
  3. Go mobile - your customers have
  4. Video - low cost, high reach, great differentiator
  5. Analytics, to know what campaigns customers respond to

Lastly, get started! Your biggest competitor is market awareness. When someone searches for the products and services that you offer online, do they find you or someone else?

Fred Vallaeys AdWords Evangelist

You have 95 characters available in an AdWords ad

You can add extensions to increase your ad's visibility

Claim your listing on Google My Business to be found across devices on Google Search, Maps, and Google+ along with the ability to edit your listing

Record a video that explains the story of your business and publish it on YouTube

27% of time online is spent on social media in the US, so respond to reviews and engage with customers on social media platforms

With AdWords, you can make adjustments dynamically based upon weather, time of day, and more

Google Analytics is a free tool that tracks visitors to your site

Think mobile first when designing a website. Use responsive design: design that changes depending upon the device someone is using.

Leads from mobile may be at a different stage of readiness to buy than visitors coming from a desktop

You can track phone call conversions through AdWords

Search ads lift top of mind awareness

  • 8.2% no ad in Google searches
  • 14.8% ad appeared in Google search

If you're excited about the opportunity to grow your business with Google Ads, please contact us today.

Author: Ben Donahower

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