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Naming Conventions + HubSpot = Laser-Focused Lists and Reports

This post is dedicated to the color-coordinated closet crowd. If you keep things need and tidy and you can keep to naming conventions for your assets in HubSpot, I've got good news: you've opened the door to better list segmentation and reporting.

Color coordinated closet

Name-Based Properties in HubSpot

  • Last marketing email name
  • Deal name
  • Meeting name
  • Attached video name

And then there are list, form, product, CTA button, and workflow names. Each of these are opportunities to better segment your HubSpot CRM. 

Recommended Naming Conventions

While you may have unique needs, we have been using this naming convention for some time and found that it covers most bases. 

[buyers journey stage] Topic or Name - Campaign and/or Content Type and/or Product - LP/TY (for landing pages or thank you pages)

A quick refresher, buyer's journey stages are.

Awareness: Prospects are understanding their problem or goal. 

Consideration: Leads are evaluating categories of solutions.

Decision: Opportunities are making an up or down decision on a specific option.

While we abbreviate these stages with a, c, or, it's important to be descriptive with the topic or name. Adding appropriate terms is not only useful for future segmentation, descriptive names help you find content in your HubSpot instance.

Campaigns can mirror your HubSpot campaigns tool and are a hack that opens up more ways to develop reports using assets associated with campaigns. 

Report builder email name

In the case of landing pages and emails in particular, you can note the content type. Are you promoting a webinar, whitepaper, or a good old fashioned blog post? Armed with this information you can do content analysis that you weren't previously able. 

Product is self-explanatory. Similar to the purpose behind adding other content to your HubSpot assets, you can then see how certain products performance using asset names.

So you might have a landing page named like this.

[c] Digital Transformation - Webinar - M1 - LP

Example Use Case

Using the above example landing page name, you could create enrollment criteria for a workflow like this. 

  1. sent email name with [c]
  2. sent email name with Digital Transformation
  3. sent email name with Webinar

And then send those contacts similar content that they would be interested in or try to lure them into the decision phase with another webinar further along the flywheel. 

Likewise, you could isolate contacts who are interested in digital transformation or specifically in webinars and continue to serve them content that you know they are more likely to engage with by using naming conventions and putting the pieces of the puzzle together with lists, workflows, and reports. 

Author: Ben Donahower

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