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How Can Proper UX Increase Your Conversion Rates?

Although many believe that conversions solely depend on well-optimized content and marketing strategy that will drive a lot of traffic, that’s a myth. It depends on many other factors, one of them being a great UX. 

UX refers to the overall user experience while browsing a website. It’s something that can be a deal-maker or a deal-breaker when it comes to conversions. Therefore, here’s how a proper UX can increase conversion rates. 

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Optimize Your Website Speed

According to TechPriceCrunch, companies report a $62 billion annual loss due to bad UX. Interestingly enough, $2 billion annual loss is due to loading issues only. Most of those loading issues are strongly related to website speed.

Those websites that have a low loading speed face more conversion losses than those that are loading super fast. In most cases, users wait only three seconds for the page to load before they leave it.  

If you want your website speed to be on point, it’s essential to optimize it. GTmetrix could be a great start toward a desirable website speed.

Pay Attention to CTA Button Placement

CTA buttons are things that guide users through the website. Therefore, the most logical thing would be to place them where users can easily see them. The best practice when it comes to CTA button placement is to put it above the fold. 

Another thing you can do is run a test and see where it should be placed to increase the conversion rate. After the test is done, you will have your answer.

Keep in mind that good CTA buttons also depend on the colors and design. High-contrast CTA buttons usually create an easier path to conversion as they are more eye-catching.

Place a Video on the Landing Page

Many people prefer videos over text. That’s why reading a large text could be off-putting. Unfortunately, many websites’ landing pages include a lot of text, which could decrease their conversion rates. 

To improve the UX, especially if your products are more complex to understand, it’s best to place a video on your landing page. That way, you’ll be able to explain a complex concept in less time. Users will be able to understand your products better and faster, which can ultimately increase your conversion rate.

Eliminate Website Friction 

Friction is something that stops users from converting as it ruins their UX. A good example of friction is when a user wants to try a trial version, but is stopped by credit card’s requirement. 

Such frictions can ruin their UX and make them leave the website and never return. By improving UX, you’ll eliminate friction. To do so, you can first examine the user behavior in Google Analytics and then make the changes accordingly.

The Bottom Line

Conversion rates are directly related to a website’s UX. If the website offers a great experience to users, it’s more likely they will stay longer and ultimately convert. There are many other ways a proper UX can increase conversion rates, but these methods are a good start. They can significantly boost the conversion rate of your website and take it to a whole new level.

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