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How to Pressure Test Your Lead Score

Congrats! You've put in the time and effort to develop your lead score, or HubSpot Score, in your portal. You've added properties and attributed values to certain behaviors and ways that contacts engage with your brand.

But are you right?

Here's a video that shows how I pressure test lead scores.

And the step-by-step instructions.

  1. Go to your Contacts dashboard in HubSpot
  2. Click Actions > Edit Columns and add the HubSpot Score and lifecycle stage if it's not already a default column
  3. Click Options > Export and check your email or click the download link that will pop up in your HubSpot instance
  4. Open the file in Google Sheets or Excel
  5. Calculate the mean, median, and mode for all lifecycle stages
    1. =average(# range)
    2. =median(# range)
    3. =mode(# range)
  6. Optional: Chart these values
  7. Think!

To validate how you have your HubSpot Score set up, you want to clear ranges of scores that are progressively higher for each lifecycle stage.

If not, you have some investigating to do. Review the contacts for the lifecycle stage(s) that aren't going up and to the right. They may be engaging with your company in ways that you didn't anticipate, and you will find properties that you should add to your HubSpot Score that you didn't include initially. You may also be assigning values to those properties that don't align with contact lifecycle stages. Especially if you have a modest number of contacts in the lifecycle stage, you could have some outliers that are outliers for good reason. If so, try removing them from the analysis and see if the numbers end up where they should be.

The key to this analysis is having enough data, so if you're new to HubSpot you might want to check back in later, and diligently guessing and checking until ranges of scores align nicely with lifecycle stages.

Once this happens, magic can happen. Not only will your organization feel confident in the lead scoring calculation, but you should also feel confident to pursue automations that are based off of the HubSpot Score including automatically assigning lifecycle stages to contacts.

You might be wondering where you're going to find the time to do this. If so, never fear, No Bounds is here. Schedule a 15 minute screen share with me and I'll be able to quote you at the end of the call to set up lead scoring in HubSpot.

15 minutes with Ben

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