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How to Test Forms in HubSpot

When there's a new conversion on a form in HubSpot it is forever marked as a form submission. So if you're testing a form and using your email address, your reports are skewed from here on out. Here's how to test forms in HubSpot without them counting as a conversion.

Note: The process has changed slightly from the video. Please see the steps below for the correct email format to use to prevent registering conversions on forms.

Content Details _ HubSpot

Long story short, here's the process.

1. Complete all required fields. It doesn't matter what you put in those fields except the email field.

2. Add anycharactersfromthealphabet+skipform@hubspot.com to the email field. 

3. Click submit!

That's it. In the video above, we go through the testing process for a landing page and show how to it doesn't change the number of submissions on the detail page. You can try this out yourself or just trust the process.

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