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The Benefits of Case Studies

It's been just nine months and four days since we produced and published our first case study on noboundsdigital.com and in that time, they directly contributed to three new customers.

Here are the stats on the marketing side of the house:

  • Views: 162
  • Total submissions: 8
  • New contacts: 3
  • View to submission rate: 4.94%
  • View to contact rate: 1.85%
  • Customers: 1

There are a few things to highlight about these numbers. Existing contacts and customers have downloaded case studies. That's a good reason to strike up a new sales conversation and up sell existing clients.

The other thing to mention is that these case studies come in at a whopping one page sometimes bleeding into page two and we only have a handful published on the site at this point. They didn't take that long to build.

Combine that with the decision stage intent of downloading a case study and, voila, it doesn't take a whole lot of conversions to get a customer to come out the other side.

So where are the other two customers coming from? I'm glad you asked. Sales. One of the big benefits that I've found about case studies is that they are just as impactful for sales as they are marketing. Two new customers were, in part, brought into the No Bounds Digital fold because they had pain points that we could prove that we've solved before by sharing a case study with them.

The Benefits of Case Studies

This video reinforces these primary benefits to case studies.

benefits of case studies


There are several other benefits to case studies too, like these.

  1. Great lead to customer conversion rate
  2. Valuable to sales and marketing
  3. Can be simple to produce
  4. Demonstrates social proof
  5. Reinforces your expertise

There's nothing quite like a case study to show prospective customers that you.

  1. Have had customers before :)
  2. Help people like them
  3. Are good at what you do

To get started, access our dead pan simple case study template and start writing! This Google doc will gives you tips and tricks along the way.

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