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31 Battle Tested Tools to Grow Your Business

Marketers do a lot. In addition to growing our clients’ businesses, we also need to grow our own business. Instead of trying to manage workflows with outdated, traditional systems, No Bounds Digital has opted for a stack of tools to make life a lot easier.

Aren’t you just a little bit curious about how we run our business? 

Let’s pop the hood and share No Bounds Digital’s 31 favorite tools for running a better business. 


Marketing tools


No Bounds is a digital marketing agency, after all, so many of our tools are going to be oriented towards marketing. Check ‘em out!


1. HubSpot



This is one of the most important platforms for No Bounds Digital. We use Hubspot to grow both our clients’ businesses as well as our own. In fact, No Bounds loves Hubspot so much that we joined their partner program and are now a Gold Partner. The HubSpot platform can do so many things, including customer relationship management (CRM), automation, email marketing, social media, website creation, sales management, reports, and much more.



2. Google Ads


ads-logo-verticalWhen it comes to paid ads and demand generation, Google Ads is the 800 pound guerrilla. It’s that simple. Google is a leader in both organic and paid search. That’s why Google Ads is a part of so many of our own and client paid campaigns.


3. Google My Business


Google-My-Business-LogoDo you own a bricks and mortar business? If so, it needs to have a presence on Google Local Search. Ensure the business information is accurate so customers can find your client using “near me” search queries or on Google Maps. Google My Business is also great because it allows your business to collect reviews from happy customers. This increases your exposure and means there’s a better chance for you to get more business. Google My Business includes other useful features that will help you optimize your local search presence, as well as reporting. Start building a local presence for your clients now.


4. Google Data Studio 



In data we trust! Especially if it’s nicely presented. Google Data Studio is an important part of No Bounds Digital’s monitoring and reporting. It integrates with a number of tools and gives us access to plenty of filters and views. In addition to filtering for different clients, time periods, and campaigns, we can quickly identify trends to make quick improvements. Access Google Data Studio here


5. DataBox



This is a new monitoring and reporting tool for the No Bounds team, but it was certainly love at first sight. Databox is great because it’s easy to use, has a great design, and integrates seamlessly with many platforms including HubSpot. It’s one of the best reporting platforms we’ve ever worked with because we can see all of our information in one place. Easy enough, right? You can check out Databox here.



6. Brightlocal 



Whether you’re working with a small business with one office, or a big business with a chain of locations all over the country, you need to control your business directory information. Our team relies on Brightlocal to build, correct, and monitor business directory listings. It even helps us monitor keyword rankings, reviews, and a lot more. Brightlocal is always ready with the latest industry insights and it’s trusted by many well-known companies. You can sign up for Brightlocal here. 



7. GatherUp 



Another tool that we recently added to our local SEO arsenal is GatherUp. This is our right hand man for reputation management. No Bounds Digital uses GatherUp to acquire reviews for our clients as well as monitor Net Promoter Score and ratings all compliant with Google's terms of service. GatherUp helps our team adjust email sequences, templates, and branding to match our clients’ needs exactly. Once GatherUp is up and running, all we have to do is upload contacts and the system takes care of the rest. It’s a huge time-saver and our clients love it! Make sure you check out GatherUp.


8. Facebook 



Love it or hate it, nearly everyone is on Facebook. It’s still the number-one social media channel, with more than 2 billion monthly active users. No Bounds Digital uses Facebook to help our clients promote their presence on social media.


9. Facebook Ads 


facebook ads

This is a powerful advertising platform with a ton of targeting options. Facebook Ads is an irreplaceable tool for achieving business goals. Whether our clients want increased web traffic, to promote an event, get more engagement, or find new customers, Facebook Ads does the job. Start promoting your business on Facebook now.


10. LinkedIn 



Anyone who takes their career seriously is on LinkedIn. This makes LinkedIn the perfect channel for marketing a B2B company. No Bounds Digital manages brands’ LinkedIn presence (and our own) to connect them quickly with other professionals in their industry. If your company doesn’t have a LinkedIn page, today’s the day to set one up right here.


11. LinkedIn Ads 



You aren’t going to reach the masses organically on LinkedIn, but you can certainly target qualified professionals in your industry. We use LinkedIn Ads to connect our clients with leads that mean business. It’s great for boosting your presence with sponsored posts and sidebar ads, which boost click-throughs and conversions. Check out LinkedIn advertising for your B2B brand here.


12. Twitter 


Twitter logo 2011

Did you know that a lot of people get their news on Twitter? With more than 200 million active monthly users, Twitter is a great place to increase brand awareness. It's not the "it" social channel anymore, but Twitter is a useful tool in many verticals. No Bounds Digital offers social media management to our clients for Twitter, which includes posting and message management. Join Twitter now.


13. AdRoll



We mostly use AdRoll to boost the performance of display ads, but it has a lot more to offer than that. Give AdRoll a try.




14. ActiveCampaign 



Email marketing management is a lot easier with this tool. Thanks to ActiveCampaign, our team manages contacts and lists, automates campaigns, and monitors and reports on performance. Get your emails back into shape by signing up here.



15. Mailshake 



As No Bounds Digital embraces both inbound and outbound tactics, we needed a helping hand for cold emails. We signed up for the simple and effective Mailshake tool to increase leads through cold emailing.  


16. Amazon



If you’re selling physical products, you need to be on Amazon. Amazon is the largest eCommerce platform in the world. No Bounds Digital clients sell their products on Amazon and we help them optimize to get more traffic. By adjusting the headlines, bullet points, keywords, and images on their product listings, we boost our clients’ Amazon earnings. You can start selling on Amazon right here.


17. Amazon Ads


amazon ads

Amazon Ads is our jam. No Bounds Digital boosts client sales by promoting their business on Amazon Ads. However, it’s worth noting that, as great as Amazon Ads is, we still think it lacks functionality that Facebook and Google Ads offer. Even then, it’s still worth investing your time, especially if you sell products. To set up your first Amazon campaign, get started here.




18. Hootsuite 



No Bounds Digital relies on several social media management platforms and Hootsuite is one of them. This very popular social media scheduling and monitoring tool integrates with all major social media channels. Hootsuite makes it super easy to bulk upload social media posts and offers great options for monitoring. Check it out and sign up here.


19. PromoRepublic



This is another social media management platform that we keep up our sleeve. However, PromoRepublic has one very useful feature: it includes a calendar with holidays and even celebrity birthdays. It also includes pre-made graphics for all major holidays and seasons, which helps us crank out timely, relevant content. PromoRepublic even offers a photo editor to adjust templates to your brand. We save a ton of time with this tool! Sign up for PromoRepublic here.



20. GetStencil



When we want to create simple graphics without calling on a graphic designer, No Bounds Digital goes with GetStencil. This simple tool includes a big collection of icons that’s perfect for creating infographics. Sign up here.


PS. Canva is a good tool too.



21. MailChimp



This email marketing tool is loved and trusted worldwide. In a pinch, aka. no HubSpot or ActiveCampaign, No Bounds Digital uses MailChimp to create and manage email marketing campaigns for some of our clients. Learn more and sign up here.





22. WordPress



WordPress powers 30% of all websites. No Bounds Digital uses this well-known website creation tool for many of our clients. WordPress is great because you can easily install plugins and adjust your site without hiring a developer. You can even track user behavior and optimize the site. To start your own website, give WordPress a try. 

Communication tools


No Bounds Digital has a global, remote team. That means communication can be a challenge, but not when you have the right tools. 


1. Gmail 



Unless you’ve been living in a cave for decades, you know what Gmail is.



2. Twist 



Good communication is essential for all teams. But if you have a remote team like ours, it’s next-level difficult to keep the lines of communication open. Twist helps us to communicate efficiently and effectively, no matter where we are. Twist is similar to Slack except that you can create threads within channels. We find that a lot more logical and it's easier for us to keep organized.


No Bounds Digital uses Twist to organize conversations with clients, communicate directly to each other, delegate tasks from Todoist, and a lot more. Check it out here.


3. Skype 


This video chat software is perfect for team communication. It’s a great way to get face time with the No Bounds Digital team, even though we all work remotely. You’re probably already familiar with Skype, but you can check it out here if not.


4. Zoom



No Bounds Digital uses Zoom for our team, sales, and client meetings. There are plenty of options out there for video chat, but the quality of Zoom is unparalleled. We can share our screens, chat, and quickly solve problems thanks to Zoom. Learn more and sign up here.




5. SurveyMonkey 



This is a very well-known platform for online surveys. No Bounds Digital uses SurveyMonkey to dig deeper for answers. For example, we’ve used it to help healthcare clients understand patient satisfaction. It’s a great way to collect feedback and improve your company. SurveyMonkey also makes it easy to upload new contacts, send surveys, and analyze your data. You can check it out here. 


Business operations tools


Every business could use some tools to make day to day operations easier. No Bounds Digital uses these 5 operations tools to run a tight ship.


1. Google Drive



Okay, don’t tell anyone, but we can’t remember the last time we used MS Office (sorry, Bill). We are a remote team that lives in different countries and time zones. Google Drive makes it super convenient for us to collaborate on documents in real-time instead of sending them back and forth. Though we have Google Apps for Business, you can get started with a personal account for free! All you need is a Google account to get started. Access your Google Drive here.


2. Todoist 



There are many task management and project management tools, but our team loves lists and a clean interface. Todoist ticks all the boxes for us. Todoist has many great features and integrates with more than 60 applications. It includes features like recurring tasks, prioritization, easy scheduling, and tagging. To put it in plain English, we trust Todoist to help us run our business. If you’re thinking about replacing your task management tool, we recommend going with Todoist.


3. Zapier



This tool is truly a godsend. Zapier saves the No Bounds team a ton of time by connecting apps that don’t naturally integrate with each other. Kill two birds with one stone with Zapier’s automated processes and triggers. It’s definitely worth adding to your arsenal if you aren’t already using it. Sign up for Zapier now.  



4. QuickBooks 



No Bounds Digital uses QuickBooks for bookkeeping. It integrates with major banks for seamless transactions. Whether it’s creating invoices, monitoring payments, sending reminders, or running reports, this financial platform is a must for any business. While there are hipper accounting platforms, Quickbooks has a lot of automation options in Zapier, that we make full use of. Check it out here.


5. Toggl 



Efficient businesses have to manage their time. Toggl is a platform that allows each team member to track the time they spend on each task and project. Periodically, the No Bounds team analyzes our Toggl reports to find areas we can eliminate, automate, or optimize. Start tracking your time with Toggl here. 

The bottom line


Every company is different. What works for the No Bounds team might not be right for your company, and that’s okay. The key is to find what works best for you. Sift through these tools to see if any of them can help streamline your business. We hope we gave you some food for thought!


And hey, we’re always on the lookout for new tools, too. Did we miss any of our favorites? Let us know!

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