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Inbound 2019 Recap


Sometimes, the most important part of a conference isn't what you learn but who you are spending time with. The best part of Inbound 2019 for me was flying over Nada from Ireland and getting to spend time, in person, with an otherwise fully remote team member.


This is Ben Donahower from No Bounds Digital. It's been several weeks since HubSpot's Inbound Conference and I just found a little bit of time to sit down and review my notes and put a couple of things into action.

I wanted to give a little bit of a recap session by session and I'm gonna break these out into individual videos, but I wanted to take a look some of my thoughts, some of my real big picture take aways as to what I got out of the Inbound conference.

In general, this was one of my favorite Inbounds that I've ever been to. Been to five or six, been to an inbound or two even before the Boston Convention Center. So I feel like an old man when it comes to the Inbound conference.

But this year was special for a number of reasons. One is I flew Nada who is a part of our team over from Ireland to spend a week at the Inbound conference, so I wasn't inbound solo this year, this was my first time that I was with a team member, and it was really exciting to spend the week with her since we have a fully remote team, spending time in person with team members is really a special thing.

So if there was a highlight to my week maybe it wasn't so much about Inbound, it was about that, that said the content was it just outstanding this year. I really got a lot out of it, was able to bring back a lot to benefit us as an agency, and also to benefit our clients.

How About You?

What was your favorite highlight from this year's conference season? Leave a comment below.

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