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"The Lions Who Make the Calls Get All of the Business"

This quote now hangs in my office. I clung to this quote from the early weeks and it became my mantra throughout the rest of the Pipeline Generation Bootcamp with Dan Tyre at HubSpot.



"The Lions Who Make the Calls Get All of the Business"

- Dan Tyre

Beats me whether he is paraphrasing or this is a largely new quote, but either way, it appeals to the roll up your sleeves and get to work culture at No Bounds Digital. The other thing that I aligned really well with our agency culture was taking something that is outbound and applying the principles of inbound to it. We weren't making cold calls, we were making warm calls and there is a big difference.

We weren't being groomed for the boiler room where we droned on from a script to the poor sap who happened to pick up the phone, but, armed with our buyer personas, positioning statements, and having taken the time to learn a thing or two about the person and company that we were calling, my fellow lions and I were equipped to help the person on the other end of the call.

I'm not saying that's how the person I was talking to always saw it, but hey, I was coming from a good place.

Just like outbound calls can be redeemed with inbound, we've done the same thing to paid ads. We use a journey based advertising strategy that takes into account the principles of inbound and the needs of our buyer's persona along the buyer's journey and, voilà, journey based advertising is born.

To make a long story short, the Pipeline Boot Camp gave the Lions of 1509:

  • The tools and resources to communicate how we can help
  • The motivation to do it (after five minutes with Dan Tyre, you'll think you can conquer the world)
  • The accountability to get it done

The proof was in the pudding. Each week, we had big wins, little wins, and a pothole or two to share. My own goal was to bring on new customer into the No Bounds Digital fold, so I was pumped that there are not one but two new clients that are working with us thanks to the sales boot camp.


PS. If you were scratching your head about that whole journey based advertising thing, I'm writing a book about how to implement this strategy. Fair warning, this first chapter is a also a first draft, but check it out and you'll also be the first to know when the book is polished and ready to ship.

Download the Journey Based Ads Book Preview

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