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HubSpot Vs Podio

Projects form an important part of your business, so having the ability to effectively manage any type of project you take on is crucial. This can help you boost productivity and deliver a more pleasant experience to the client. It is reported that about 79% of companies do not have an appropriate project management solution in place. In a survey, more than 60% of the project managers questioned reported inefficiency in the current software they are using. Using an appropriate project management suite can make a huge difference in the results you get, the efficacy of your tasks, and your company’s overall level of productivity.

With some research, you may find that both HubSpot and Podio offer a range of tools that are useful for project management. In this post, we compared HubSpot vs Podio, focusing on helping you better understand the role that each of these software solutions will play in helping to improve the efficacy of your company’s project management tasks. We also consider additional features offered by each, with a focus on how this may further improve productivity and result in greater profits in the long run.

HubSpot Overview

HubSpot is a CRM at its core, giving you a range of tools that focuses on building upon the relationships you have with your customers. In addition to helping you keep existing client data organized, the system also has a large focus on helping you acquire new leads and then gives you the tools to convert this lead into a sale. With HubSpot, you get multiple systems that can work together. As you activate new functions, they automatically integrate with the central CRM dashboard, allowing you to capture different types of data without having to navigate to different dashboards.

There is a project management solution on the HubSpot platform that can be used for managing client projects, as well as in-bound marketing campaigns. This gives you a comprehensive solution, ensuring you always remain up to date on the status of any project.

Something that puts HubSpot at the top is the fact that this is a multi-solution platform that you can use for a wide variety of business-related needs. Yes, you can effectively plan your projects with HubSpots, but you can also use the system to manage your customers, have more control over sales data, and draw up reports, amongst other activities.

Podio Overview

Podio is a platform developed by a popular software company known as Citrix. The platform focuses primarily on project management, with an emphasis on helping teams work together more effectively. The entire system was built around teamwork. You can easily create new projects and add several tasks. These tasks can then be assigned to team members, ensuring everyone knows what is expected of them.

There are several major brands that use Podio as a project management system. This includes Volvo, Sony, Sotheby’s International Realty, and the NFL. Podio divides important functions in multiple tabs and systems, which allows you to easily retrieve the data you need. The mobile apps also makes the process of keeping in touch and updating project data on-the-go easier. There is a built-in messaging function that ensures all team members can remain in touch at all times. Custom structures allow you to effectively customize the layout of project templates and files according to the requirements of your business.

A full team management system is embedded in Podio. This gives the admin users the ability to easily switch out roles, block access for members, and to assign new team members to the system. Team members each get their own login.

HubSpot Vs Podio: Comparison

While it’s useful to consider what each of these systems does individually, we also need to consider how they compare. In this section, we do a more comprehensive comparison of HubSpot vs Podio. First, let’s start with a comparison between some important features that your business may rely on.




Project Management System



Marketing Hub



In-Bound Marketing Projects



Team And Member Management



Mobile Access



Built-in Calendar



Customizable Dashboards




Starts at $0 for free plan

Starts at $0 for up to five members

Trial Access




When it comes to features, you’ll find that Podio is very specific for project and team management purposes. On the other hand, HubSpot rather offers a more extensive system that does not only allow for project management, but also puts additional functions at the tip of your fingers.

With Podio, you get access to a range of apps that assists with team communication, task assignment, and the entire lifecycle of a project. You also get access to mobile apps for on-the-go communication and the system features a built-in file sharing function.

HubSpot provides similar features, including an API, as well as additional hubs that effectively integrate with each other. In addition to project management features, you can also activate functions that allow you to manage your sales funnels, marketing campaigns, internal operations, service delivery, and several other internal functions for your business.

Plans & Pricing

With both Podio and HubSpot, you can choose to get access to a free plan. This makes both options ideal for companies who are starting out and keeping the number of expenses they have on a daily basis to a minimum. It should be noted that the Podio plan only gives you access to functions for up to five employees. When it comes to upgrading to a paid plan, Podio provides options that start from $9, whereas the lowest priced plan at HubSpot costs $50 per month. It is important to note, however, that with Podio, you only gain access to a project management system, whereas HubSpot gives you the ability to easily activate additional features to manage more aspects of your company.

Final Verdict: HubSpot vs Podio

In a comparison between HubSpot vs Podio, you’ll find that the project management functions are quite similar. While the dashboard and appearance differ among the two systems, the similarities they share does make it harder to choose one. When it comes to optimizing the efficacy of your business, however, you will need access to more than just a project management system. This is why we highly recommend the use of HubSpot over Podio, as it will prove to be the more useful solution over a longer period of time. With HubSpot, you also get an extendable system, allowing you to easily activate additional hubs as the needs of your business grows over time. With a free plan, you can get started in just a few clicks and gain access to the tools your business needs during those early stages.




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