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HubSpot Vs SalesFlare

When it comes to managing sales for your company, you can choose between a variety of methods. Some people still prefer a traditional paper-based system, but this is outdated and takes more effort, reducing your internal productivity and ultimately leading to errors. A digital system can produce more efficient results, but this accounts only for a scenario where you ensure the system you choose can deliver on the requirements of your business.

We’ve seen a move toward cloud-based systems for enhanced efficacy with sales management software, as well as CRM solutions. In 2008, around 12% of companies were using a CRM that was powered by cloud technology. In the modern day, only 13% of companies have not yet adopted this type of system. HubSpot and SalesFlare both give you access to this technology, while also providing a range of features that helps you manage your sales with more efficiency. If you are not sure how to choose between the two, then read on to learn more about each and how they compare.

Overview of HubSpot

CRM systems have become a central part of business management in the modern day. Several reports show that keeping customers satisfied helps to provide an improvement in retention of your existing clients. In surveys, it was shown that for 81% of professionals in the marketing industry, customer satisfaction is a priority. This is exactly where a CRM system comes into the picture - something that HubSpot excels at.

HubSpot is the developer behind one of the most extensive online CRM systems. The customer relationship management system developed by HubSpot forms the center point for all of the hubs that the company offers. On top of the CRM, you can easily extend the features offered to you by simply activating some of the other hubs that are available.

When it comes to sales management, you’ll be looking at the HubSpot Sales Hub. This hub gives you access to a customizable sales management solution. The platform can be configured according to the type of sales your business deals with on a daily basis. It is possible to utilize this particular hub for both B2C and B2B transactions. Companies are given the opportunity to capture data for product and service related sales with the platform.

Overview of SalesFlare

SalesFlare is a fully fledged customer relation management system that was built for companies who participate in B2B sales. This means the software is designed for those businesses who target other companies with the products or services they offer. Mobile and desktop access is provided to help you take your account data with you when you go out to a client.

The focus behind the SalesFlare system is to keep things simple, instead of creating a dashboard that feels overwhelming. This makes it a great choice for business owners who have not worked with a CRM in the past and those who do not want a cluttered dashboard.

Several features offered by SalesFlare also focus on teamwork, allowing team members to easily communicate with each other. There are also functions like follow-up call reminders and a range of sales tools that come integrated into the main system.

HubSpot Vs SalesFlare: Comparing Vital Features

While you may find that there are some shared features when comparing HubSpot vs SalesFlare, you do need to keep an eye out for differences too. This way, you’ll have a better view of which system provides the features your business will require.




Team Management




Yes, over 1000 apps

Yes, limited

Free Trial



Free Plan



Cheapest Plan


$29 per month

Add-On Functions

Yes, multiple hubs available


Project Management


Yes, limited

Automating Functions




SalesFlare only focuses on helping you with the process of capturing and managing sales, while also providing a range of basic CRM functions. This helps you keep track of customer data and log sales against client profiles.

With HubSpot, on the other hand, you get a fully featured CRM that can be personalized as you see fit. You also gain the ability to expand on the functions you can use by utilizing the large variety of hubs that are offered. With over 1000 apps and counting, extending the integration options that are available also becomes significantly easier.


Integrations often play an important role when choosing a sales system for your company. This allows you to use data between multiple systems without having to do manual data entry when moving information from one platform to another. This is why we need to look at the integration options provided by HubSpot and SalesFlare.

When choosing SalesFlare, you can integrate your account with Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and iCloud storage. The company has also developed extensions that allow for an integration between SalesFlare and PieSync, as well as with Zapier to help you easily integrate data from your third-party accounts.

HubSpot also boasts a wide variety of integration options to provide a more seamless mechanism when working with your own data. There is actually an entire database of apps and extensions that you can use, with 1000 already available and more being added frequently. HubSpot integrates with the same services as SalesFlare, as well as Google Calendar, SurveyMonkey, WordPress, FreJun, Zoom, Pendo, Onboard Assistant, and more.


With both of these platform choices, you get access to a trial that doesn’t require details of your credit card. This ensures you do not have to worry about automatic billing when your trial expires. In terms of monthly payments, you need to understand that you can only choose a free plan when opting for HubSpot.

SalesFlare has a growth plan that is charged at $29 per month. The company only provides support for annual payments, however. You can choose between USD or EUR billing. HubSpot also has a selection of premium plans, which start at $50 per month. You can start with the free membership, however, then upgrade when you feel a need for more features.

Final Verdict: HubSpot Vs SalesFlare

Managing your sales, customer data, and leads that were captured requires an organized system to avoid errors. When comparing HubSpot vs SalesFlare, we can see that both systems are efficient in allowing you to manage this type of data, while also keeping things organized for your entire team. If you are looking for a system that can expand with your own company in the future, however, then HubSpot is definitely the better choice. With multiple hubs, each adding additional features, you’ll find that this system proves to be the more appropriate choice for long-term success.




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