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HubSpot Vs SAS

No matter how impressive the products or services your company offers, without a proper marketing technique, people won’t recognize your brand. This is why companies generally set aside about 13.7% of the revenue they make for marketing purposes. Even though companies are spending a lot on marketing, about 47% of marketers are still finding it hard to effectively generate traffic, capture leads, and convert them to sales.

Improving the efficacy of your marketing campaigns depends on the ability to record data, analyze this information, and then adjust your strategies accordingly. This can be achieved through the right type of software solution. This post presents two highly efficient marketing platforms, HubSpot and SAS. Both of these systems can help you gain valuable insight in your marketing efforts, but you need to choose which one is the right fit for your company. We compare HubSpot vs SAS to help you make an informed decision.

HubSpot Overview

HubSpot is viewed as a complete solution for companies who need a platform that helps with the management of all internal operations. The entire system is built around a CRM, which comes included with all of the plans that are available. The CRM gives you access to a number of vital functions to manage your customers. In addition to this particular function, you can also expand the features that are available with HubSpot’s range of hubs. These are technically add-on systems that give you additional management solutions for sales, operations, marketing, and other elements of your company.

HubSpot is built upon cloud technology. This means you can access your company’s account from anywhere, even when you are not at home or in the office. There are also mobile apps that you can download from all major app stores. This includes Google Play and the Apple App Store. On your desktop, you can get access to your account by using your preferred web browser.

There are trial offers that you can utilize if you are interested in learning more about the range of premium plans that are available. For those who are only starting out and trying to keep their expenses to a minimum, free plans are also available, which comes with the HubSpot CRM included.

SAS Overview

SAS is a company that focuses on providing efficient software solutions for enterprises and large organizations. The entire system was built upon the idea of making marketing more intelligent, giving you access to advanced analytical data in order to learn more about your customers. The idea behind the data provided is to help you understand your customer’s behaviors and determine what strategies you need to use in order to promote growth in terms of clientele and revenue.


Personalization is a key element in the software provided by SAS. Once you have provided sufficient data surrounding your business, the system can be adjusted in order to give you quick access to the functions you will be using most often. The out of the box design of the software also means it takes less time to get up and running when choosing SAS. There are multiple solutions that you can choose from as well.

HubSpot Vs SAS: Comparing Important Features

A side-by-side comparison between HubSpot and SAS can help us get a better idea of how they differ, what features they share, and how each of these cloud solutions will be able to benefit your particular needs.




Marketing Management

Yes, through Marketing Hub

Yes, through Business Intelligence

Ideal Customer

Professionals, small businesses, organizations, enterprises


User Management



Marketing Automation



Social Media Account Management



Landing Page Builder



Customizable Dashboards



Peronalized Solutions



Onboarding Process

Self-serve or through sales

Need to contact sales

Free Trials


Yes, but only on request

Free Plan




When comparing the features of HubSpot vs SAS, it’s important to note that HubSpot is a comprehensive solution that meets various marketing related needs. SAS, on the other hand, is rather more focused on being an analytical solution. With SAS, the main focus is to provide analytics for the marketing campaigns you develop. This information can then be used through data science in order to improve the results of any new campaigns that you form. You can also use the data in order to optimize your existing marketing campaigns.

HubSpot also features a range of analytical tools that can be used in a similar manner. Additionally, with HubSpot, you can connect your company’s email and social media accounts. This allows you to automate several marketing processes, such as sending out newsletters or posting content on your social media profiles. HubSpot also offers a self-serve onboarding process, which means you can sign up for an account in a matter of minutes. With SAS, you have to contact the sales department and wait for a response before you can proceed with the account creation process. HubSpot also gives you more than just a marketing suite, as you can extend the functionality to assist with sales, operations, and customer management too.

Plans And Pricing

Whether your business only consists of yourself as an employee or has grown into a larger organization, you still want to have maximum control over the expenses you have each month. This is why pricing transparency is an important element with all of the purchases you make. Unfortunately, in this particular area, SAS seems to have shortcomings. Instead of providing a clear overview of the pricing for the range of software provided, you will need to contact the sales department and wait for a response in order to determine how much it will cost you.

With HubSpot, on the other hand, things are much simpler. You simply choose the hub you are interested in, then select the plan you wish to use. The most basic plans on HubSpot are free to use. This helps to reduce expenses, while still being able to improve the efficacy of your marketing campaigns. When switching to paid memberships, prices start at $50 per month.

Final Verdict: HubSpot Vs SAS

In terms of marketing management, both of these cloud-based applications are highly efficient. It is, however, important to keep your company’s long term needs in mind when choosing a software solution. This is why we recommend HubSpot over SAS. While SAS is an effective tool for analyzing your marketing campaigns and optimizing for better results in future strategies, HubSpot is a more complete system. You can start out with the marketing platform at HubSpot, then later extend the functionality of the system by simply activating additional Hubs. In turn, you get to manage a wide range of business-related elements on a single platform.




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