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Hubspot Vs Sharpspring

Data plays an important part in running a successful business. As your company grows, there will be an increasing amount of data that you need to work with, making it harder to keep track of every element. In one report, it is stated that almost half of companies do not fully utilize all the functions that the CRM system they use offers. The process of fully utilizing a CRM’s features starts with choosing the right one for your company’s needs. With many solutions available, however, making a decision on one can pose quite a challenge.

When it comes to automating your marketing efforts with the goal to increase your revenue, there are two popular solutions that come to mind. These include Hubspot and Sharpspring, both offer marketing solutions that help you grow your company’s revenue in the long term. If you are not sure how to decide between the two, then this post will help to clear up a few things. In this Hubspot vs Sharpspring comparison, we look at the two software solutions side-by-side to give you a better idea on what you can expect from each.

Overview of Hubspot

Hubspot is a software solution that combines multiple hubs into a single system. Each of these hubs are focused on a specific element of business. The hubs can be used together in order to create a more complete solution for managing various departments of a company, such as sales, marketing, and customers. In this particular comparison, our focus is on the Hubspot marketing hub. This hub focuses on helping you implement a marketing automation system for your business. In turn, this gives you an opportunity to set up different marketing channels that can be utilized, such as email campaigns and interactions on your social media accounts.

HubSpot is an ideal option for small business owners, particularly due to the fact that the company gives you access to a free plan. This is a great way to start off without having to worry about extra monthly expenses that you need to cover. You can also upgrade your marketing hub subscription at any time, allowing your account to grow with your company. When you are ready to upgrade, you can choose to utilize a free trial offer to get an idea of what the upgraded plan offers.

HubSpot is based in the United States, but the platform uses cloud technology and provides a global delivery. This allows you to utilize the services offered by Hubspot regardless of where you are.

Overview of Sharpspring

Sharpsring is an online platform that focuses on giving you a multifunctional growth platform, with revenue being the priority of the system. The system comes with multiple solutions that you can access from a single dashboard. This, in turn, makes the process of switching between the solutions faster and more efficient. There is a home page for the dashboard that shows you a glimpse of all your data. This is useful if you just want to get a quick look of your company’s performance based on the collected data.

One of the main focus points of Sharpspring is to reduce the amount of time wasted by your team. In the business world, time is money. By saving you time, you’ll be able to focus more on delivering exceptional products and services, and growing your company’s revenue in the process.

The system allows you to set up email marketing campaigns, while also offering access to a range of other marketing solutions. This includes the ability to set up landing pages, build forms to capture leads, and using dynamic content on your campaigns.

Comparing Hubspot Vs Sharpspring

It’s tough to compare the two software options due to the similarity that exists in the features offered by the Hubspot marketing hub and Sharpspring. Still, some differences come into play when looking at integrations, how each feature is used, and other elements, as we outline below.




Free Account



Paid Plans



Enterprise Plans



Free Trial



Automated Emails



Landing Page Creator








Yes, limited

Pricing And Subscriptions

Both of these software solutions come with monthly plans, but you can get access to a premium account at a discounted rate when paying annually. A particularly important element to consider here is that Hubspot comes with a free account, but this does not account for Sharpspring. While the free version of the Hubspot Marketing Hub is limited, it still gives you access to functions you need when your business is still at an early stage or when you don’t need an advanced system for managing your marketing campaigns.

When you decide to upgrade, you get to choose from three different account options for the Marketing Hub at Hubspot:

  • Marketing Hub Starter, priced at $50 per month
  • Marketing Hub Professional, priced at $800 per month
  • Marketing Hub Enterprise, priced at $3,200 per month

Sharpspring, on the other hand, uses a pricing structure that focuses on the number of contacts that you have on the system. Pricing starts at $399 per month for the first 1,000 contacts on your dashboard. The pricing goes up to $1,299 if you need to add between 10,000 and 20,000 contacts to your account.


Both of these systems help you grow your revenue over time, but it is important that we break down the functions of each. You can build personalized emails with both systems, but Hubspot offers more control and reports on the deliverability of your campaigns. The Hubspot editor also gives you a drag and drop interface for building landing pages. There is a shared inbox feature in Hubspot that is great for improving teamwork and collaboration between multiple members of a team. Hubspot also gives you an approval workflow, which is a feature that Sharpspring lacks.

Another important feature where Hubspot stands out is in its content creation functions. Hubspot helps you create content that delivers real results, whereas no such feature exists within the Sharpspring system.

Final Verdict: Hubspot Vs Sharpspring

In a comparison between Hubspot and Sharpspring, we find that Hubspot is the better choice. While you may need to put more money into this system in the long run, the functions offered can definitely help to streamline several management processes within your company. With multiple hubs, you’ll also be able to use a single dashboard and system for finances, service delivery, operations management, and even your entire sales process. You can get started for free with Hubspot and the company gives you the ability to activate a free trial if you wish to test out their premium features.




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