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HubSpot Vs Thryv

Running a small business is no easy task, as there are many elements that you need to take care of for the company to be successful and continue seeing growth. Unfortunately, there are several hurdles that small business owners have to overcome. This includes client dependence, the inability to effectively manage money, and being unable to deliver the experience customers expect. Another important issue faced by small businesses is related to poor quality data and improper management techniques for the data that is captured. This is where a customer relationship management system, also known as a CRM, comes into play.

When you use a CRM, you can effectively capture client data, organize them, and get a better overview of your business’s performance. While some CRM solutions are geared toward bigger enterprises and organizations, both HubSpot and Thryv are ideal options for small businesses. In this comparison of HubSpot vs Thryv, we look closely at each of these solutions, giving you a view of what they do and the features they offer. Use the information we share to help you choose between HubSpot and Thryv for your small business management needs.

HubSpot Overview

The HubSpot Marketing Hub is an advanced and feature-rich platform that gives you access to important tools to help you capture and attract leads. In addition to helping with the process of lead generation, this hub also offers functions that help you take things further - allowing you to turn those leads into sales. The hub integrates with the CRM system offered by HubSpot and can also work with data that you have stored on several third party platforms.

HubSpot’s platform is a Saas application that runs on a cloud computing server. This gives you faster and easier access to your data. The mobile applications that HubSpot offers also helps with the process of accessing your account and customer details even when you are away from the office. This makes it a good option to draw up client data when you are heading for a meeting. Multiple training options are also available, including the ability to schedule in-person training sessions for your staff. This ensures all staff members get a good overview of how the HubSpot Marketing Hub works, reducing the risk of errors down the line.

Thryv Overview

Thryv is a complete business management solution. The system was designed specifically for people who are running local small businesses. There are multiple solutions that have been built on top of the Thryv platform, which expands its offerings and allows you to run your business with more efficiency. Mobile apps are available for iOS and Android devices, which allows you to take the Thryv system to the customer.

According to Thryv, the average small business sees a 25% increase in customer acquisition and a 61% boost in their booked appointments when switching to their system. The system is an official Google Partner and has received multiple rewards in the past few years. You can connect Thryv’s dashboard to WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, PayPal, and other applications in order to automate certain internal processes for your business.

HubSpot Vs Thryv Comparison

In comparison, both HubSpot and Thryv tend to provide the functions a small business needs to operate effectively. One major difference between the two is that HubSpot is a universal solution that is customized to your business, while Thryv primarily focuses on a small business that runs in a physical location. With this said, let’s take a closer look at how the two software options compare to each other.




Free Plan



Free Trial




On-site and through support

Only through sales department

Live Chat



Telephone Support



Target Audience

Small to large businesses and enterprises

Small businesses

Grows with your business


Yes, but limited

Free tools available



In-Person training




Yes, large variety

Yes, limited


When looking at the features, you’ll notice that Thryv is more focused on local businesses that have a physical location. The company’s platform helps you get your Google Business profile up and optimized, while also focusing on providing you with services like Thryv Pay. There are several management functions that you can utilize, such as a customizable dashboard, an inbox feature, email marketing integration, and the ability to send out announcements to your contacts.

HubSpot has more of a focus on providing a solution that fits your business. Instead of solely focusing on local and small businesses, you get a platform that is fitting for everyone, from the professional freelancer to the large enterprise. HubSpot also gives you access to additional solutions, apart from the Marketing Hub. This allows you to manage sales, operations, customer support, and several other elements from a single system.


One of the major issues that we had with Thryv is the fact that they are not transparent with their pricing. When a small business owner is looking to set up a CRM system to help with the management of the company, they want to have a full understanding of the expenses they will have in the process. Unfortunately, no fixed details about the pricing for the three available plans are provided by Thrive. The company does note that they have three different subscriptions, including Plus, Premium, and Unlimited.

With HubSpot, you get clear and transparent pricing. This ensures you know exactly what to expect in terms of expenses before you decide to sign up for a plan. There is also a free plan available at HubSpot, which is not the case with Thryv. The free plan does have some limitations, but there are many small businesses who still find this option a viable choice as it helps them get a marketing hub up without having to be concerned about more expenses. Paid plans start at $50. You can easily upgrade the plan you currently have at any time, which means the system really gives you a chance to subscribe to a platform that grows with your business.

Final Verdict: Should You Choose HubSpot Or Thryv?

You’ll find that both HubSpot and Thryv offer the perfect solution for small businesses, but there are several limitations with Thryv that you should not overlook. Thryv is only focused on small businesses and has a limited selection of services that you can utilize to manage your company. With HubSpot, on the other hand, you get to choose from multiple hubs, access a free CRM, and get more functions to use as your business grows. This helps you avoid facing roadblocks down the line when your business gets bigger.





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